2.3 SAVE META DAO realization

SAVE META is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) composed of tens of thousands of metaverse industry developers, investment institutions, and game players. It will focus on building Metaverse’s future tools.
A. DAPP environment
It will run based on the BSC development environment in the initial stage. In the future, SAVE META will be compatible with new mainstream public chains, including Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, etc. When considering the running environment of SAVE META, we compared the advantages and disadvantages of various options. One advantage of choosing BSC is that there are many ways to run dApps.
We will promote the user experience of SAVE META and carry out ecological management through SME Smart Contract to ensure that SAVE META has complete decentralized autonomy.
B. Identity
We have started to integrate Keybase to facilitate users participating in SAVE META to set metaverse identity information in the blockchain. When issuing new tokens to users, paying transactions in the SAVE META ecosystem, or recruiting employees with salaries, you need to make sure you transfer assets or money to the right person. You can manually confirm the payee address every time. SAVE META will integrate different identity providers. Now we are trying uPort identity.
C. Limits of authority
Permissions are derived from identity. We expect the following:
Shareholders: Have the right to receive dividends and transfer shares not exceeding a specific limit to a third party (this proportion is determined by voting).
Executive: Have more authority to do the assigned business without voting.
However, decentralized organizations with no trust (or less trust) can allow more open relationships with individuals.
D. Reputation
Reputation is precious in Libreville, and we hope all business cooperation can be scored. It allows organizations to judge a contractor, and contractors can judge a company. We can easily trace genuine transactions because we have audit traces of all relationships . If necessary, it can be completely anonymous here.
E. Initialization
After opening our dApp, you should first create a SAVE META account and safely back it up. Then you can choose:
Enter the contract address of the company you want to operate.
Deploy a new company contract, and then our dApp will automatically jump to this contract address. The initialization process needs to be simple for anyone, not just those familiar with cryptocurrency.
F. Ownership
Ownership in the SAVE META organization is transparent and transferable. The shareholding of each shareholder is public, and the shareholder has the right to transfer the shares to a third party. Four functions are defined in SAVE META:
  • Register of shareholders (and their shareholding ratio)
  • Transfer of shares, arbitrarily or with restrictions
  • Selling or token transfer
  • Issue new tokens
SAVE META can issue tokens with a lock-in period or other restricted transfer conditions, and all issued tokens will comply with the BSC token standard.
G. Capital
Startups need fast financing. For traditional startups, they can find VC, raise funds through third- party crowdfunding, apply for commercial loans, or trouble relatives and friends. SAVE META can quickly issue new shares on the exchange without relying on a third party through direct sales or public offering:
SAVE META can directly issue shares to a participant as long as he transfers the currency of the amount negotiated in advance.
If an organization wants to raise funds publicly in the market, SAVE META can announce its financing needs . Investors can contact and then negotiate or invest directly according to the maximum ceiling.
H. Reward
Traditional employment and salary payment have many unnecessary troubles and SAVE META simplifies these processes. Companies can recruit employees by salary or issuing tokens under certain conditions, based on time or task performance.
In this way, there will be a relatively simple interface, and you can choose the amount, frequency, shares, and conditions to be paid. The reward can be any token of BSC or any cryptocurrency for cross-chain exchange of compatible public chains to make this process more efficient.
I. Payment
Customers can buy a cryptocurrency and then convert it into an entrepreneur's currency through ShapeShift's service for collection and payment. When users get cryptocurrency, they can continue to pay, but they only need one step, and everything is processed in the background. We foresee that this is a typical process in the initial stage without requiring users to create their wallets immediately. We will connect cryptocurrency exchanges or providers to simplify the user experience, just like Stripe.
J. Accounting
The accounting module is fully integrated. We will eventually provide an interface to a third party for visual display without redevelopment.