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2.2 Organization role

A DAO organization has many requirements, mainly including:
Identity: This is the primary pillar because we need to know the identity of each entity before interacting with others.
Ownership: Stock right rewards founders, investors, consultants, partners, and employees, and it can also determine the ownership and direction of the company.
Voting: The company's shareholders should be able to express their opinions on the company's decisions, which will be related to ownership.
Capital: Entrepreneurship is risky and requires many resources to operate and grow, including capital in the form of investment or loans.
Users: The organization is ultimately composed of people, and it needs a simple way to gather them (identity) and reward them (salary).
  • Outreach: A company needs to target its users to make them buy its goods. On the Internet, adomain name is enough.
  • Payment processing: The organization needs to make a profit, and there needs to be a simple collection method.
  • Accounting: An accounting account needs to be maintained to manage expenses, burn money speed, and business decisions.
  • Insurance: A company has many risks and usually needs to buy insurance to deal with accidents. Some of the above roles have dependencies, and finally form a virtual world closed loop.