"Put on headphones and eyeglasses, find the connection terminal, and you can enter the virtual space simulated by computer and parallel to the real world in the way of virtual separation." In 1992, Neil Stephenson, a famous American science fiction master, described the metaverse in Avalanche. In reality, people can use digital identity to entertain, socialize, study and work in the "metaverse," completely breaking the boundary of life and games from consumer Internet to industrial Internet,application scenarios are also starting.

Metaverse will be the "Internet" of the next era.

The word "Metaverse" consists of the prefix "meta" (meaning transcendence) and the stem "verse" (reverse structure from "universe") composition. This term is usually used to describe the concept of a future iteration of the Internet, which consists of a persistent, shared, 3D virtual space connected to the perceived virtual world. In a broad sense, the metaverse can refer to the virtual world and the whole Internet, including the whole field of augmented reality.
The most extraordinary ideas in technology often enter the dictionary before they are genuinely coherent. Explain inadequately and overuse: Internet of things, sharing economy, cloud computing. In some rare cases, the term still exists. Many people talk about many loosely related things, and then these things merge into a thing that they can't fully understand. Then we live in it forever. Remember the sentence {Have you ever heard of the Internet?}?
Please be prepared for “Have you heard of the metaverse ?”
SAVE METAVERSE ECOSYSTEM came into being because of the metaverse era, because of you! SAVE METAVERSE ECOSYSTEM has a potential of 1.5 billion users in the metaverse. It has been built by thousands of guilds around the world. At present, it has completed docking with three of the world's top 10 GameFi. The layout of the world's top 50 guilds has been completed. Guilds are scattered in Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates are actively laying out more commercial territory!
SAVE METAVERSE ECOSYSTEM is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), and as a participant of the DAO, you will be the owner and manager of the whole ecosystem of SAVE META.