Based on the global DAO governance contract, SAVE META completes the basic application of co- construction in the metaverse world. With "SAVE META" as the core, SAVE META provides a strong ecological construction for the decentralized financial agreement of the metaverse. It will land in the real economy, create a full-stack metaverse aggregation platform parallel to the metaverse, and decentralized financial ecology such as NFT exchange through games. It will open the door to the metaverse for the global economy.
We are committed to building a SAVE META DAO autonomous community with global autonomy, smart contract constraints, and DAO voting governance. Focus on the forward-looking development of various financial ecosystems, aggregate cross-chain agreements, and embody the development direction of the whole stack in the "metaverse" of the parallel world.
SAVE META is releasing the power of blockchain to realize the current expectation of "metaverse" economic empowerment.