6.4 SAVE META organizational structure of metaverse volunteers, MVA

A. MVA vision and mission
It is the first decentralized autonomous operation team under SAVE META DAO, composed of mainstream GameFi in the market, guilds, equipment manufacturers, bloggers, etc. ! Fully incubate the innovation GameFi and high-quality guild, and promote the progress of the whole project of SAVE META!
MVA achieves a mechanism to maximize public interests through blockchain algorithm, combined with POS equity proof + DPOS entrusted equity proof. MVA is the first non- profit development organization in the world to link DAO autonomous management regulations.
B. Description of membership interests of MVA metaverse promotion organization
Through MVA running in a wide range, it can make the organization operate efficiently and solve the core problem of a completely decentralized organization. All dividend rules, equity elimination rules, and voting equity articles of association are presented through smart contracts and run on the whole chain!