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5.2 SME token application

As the governance token of DAO, SME will provide all investors and players with the right to participate in and manage the ecological direction. Anyone holding an SME governance token can participate in DAO governance in proportion to their share in the token supply. Notice that anyone can submit a proposal to initiate an SME vote, not only SME holders.
Changes to SAVE META governance variables are unlikely to take effect immediately after voting approval. If voters choose to start Governance Security Module (GSM), these changes will be delayed (delayed for up to 24 hours). This time allows SME holders to act, and if necessary, they can trigger a shutdown mechanism to oppose malicious governance proposals.

A. Proposed vote and executive vote

The SAVE META governance process includes proposal voting and execution voting. The proposed vote aims to form a consensus within the community before the implementation vote. It helps ensure that the governance strategy is carefully considered and agreed upon before entering the voting process . The purpose of voting is to approve/reject changes to the system status, for example, voting on the risk parameters of the newly introduced collateral.
Technically, each type of voting is managed by SME Smart Contract. A proposal contract is a smart contract that programmatically writes one or more effective governance behaviors. A proposal contract can only be executed once, and once executed, it will immediately change the internal governance variables of the maker protocol. The proposed contract cannot be used again after execution.
Any BSC address can deploy a valid proposed contract. SME token holders can vote to select an Active Proposal. The proposal with the BSC address with the most affirmative votes will be selected as a valid proposal . The valid proposal will obtain the management authority of the internal governance variables of SAVE META and then modify these parameters.

B. Role of in automatic market-making flow pool

In addition to its role in the governance of SAVE META, SME holders can receive the dividend reward of SME x GameFi automatic market-making flow pool.
The SME x GameFi automatic market- making flow pool comes from the transaction slip point generated during all GameFi token transactions. The automatic market-making flow pool will be mainly used to ensure the sufficient liquidity of SMEs and the dividend of ecological participants, which will effectively reduce the sharp rise and fall fluctuations of SMEs and avoid too many risks.

C. Multiverse staking rights

Through metaverse, multiple points can be connected and compatible with audience groups at all levels simultaneously. On this basis, DAO organizes MVA voting authorization and public bidding for major GameFi, international associations, and virtual equipment manufacturers to obtain 30% of SME staking rights.
Staking is divided into multiple staking pools in parallel, and each stake pool can obtain staking dividends in parallel using the multiverse staking algorithm. The users invest in the governance token, and SME freely choose to participate in the staking of each phase of each staking pool and can participate in each subsequent phase.
Earn SME as a consensus contribution reward through the staking algorithm. If a phase is forced to terminate if the conditions are not met, the staking pool will end and reopen according to the consensus.

D. Responsibilities of SME holders

SME holders may vote on the following matters:
-Introduce a new GameFi project and set a set of risk parameters for it
-Modify or add risk parameters of one or more existing GameFi projects
-Select the emergency message input group
-Trigger emergency shutdown
-Upgrade system