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5.1 Distribution mechanism

SME token is a digital token that capitalizes on the ecological benefits of SAVE META. The benefits running in the whole metaverse ecology will return to the SME token through the smart contract in real-time.
Token Name: SME
Total issued: 100,000,000,000
Bottom public chain: Binance Smart Chain
Distribution mechanism:
  • Public recruitment: 10% (IDO, private sale and public offering)
  • Multiverse Staking pool: 30% ( P roduced through multiverse staking system);
  • Operation team: 5% (locked for one year);
  • Technical team: 2.5% (locked for one year);
  • DAO autonomous community: 2.5%;
  • Ecological construction: 50%;
A. 30% wormhole pool (Auto-Burn)
B. 10% incubation reserved for GameFi project
C. 10% BIFROST PLAN (Rainbow Bridge)