4.2 SAVE META ecological composition

Based on the SAVE METAVERSE ECOSYSTEM platform, SAVE META will build a metaverse ecosystem composed of GameFi aggregation platform, SAVE META decentralized NFT exchange (NFT DEX), and decentralized crowdfunding platform based on blockchain technology.
SME Smart Contract empowerment, liquidity, concentrate and accelerates incubation for collaboration of GameFi /metaverse projects through smart contracts.

A. SAVE METAVERSE ECOSYSTEM GameFi aggregation platform

SAVE META GameFi aggregation platform is a community-driven GameFi platform that integrates various games running on different blockchain networks through cross-chain technology to improve participation and entertainment. In addition to the original technical teams and guild teams of major platforms and investment companies, it will also simultaneously attract high-quality guilds and players from all over the world.
SME, the governance token of the SAVE META, uses the revolutionary token economy system, combines the advantages of DeFi and NFT, and uses the financial mechanism and game system to provide players governance power, creating a truly unique and lasting game ecology of playing and earning.
SAVE META GameFi aggregation platform will open up the chain mechanism of GameFi, greatly improve the liquidity of game assets and increase the economic system and financial attributes. We can even get through the exchange of equipment and virtual assets generated in two different games and generate exchange transaction relations through in-depth cooperation.
Through the SAVE META GameFi aggregation platform, game developers enjoy the "one-stop online GameFi service," and users can also span from one game to another without obstacles or even participate in several games simultaneously.
Users can experience a large number of games only by entering the SAVE META GameFi aggregation platform. For game developers, they have solved some problems in the early stage of project development, such as technology, products, operation, traffic, etc. The project can fund even the development start-up capital through the functions of the SAVE META GameFi aggregation platform.
The unique review mechanism of the SAVE META GameFi aggregation platform also reduces the risk of users participating in bad GameFi.

B. Decentralized NFT trading platform (NFT DEX)

NFT is the only digital asset product representing the exclusive ownership of some online items, such as rare works of art or tradable card certificates. NFT is unique and irreplaceable, which means that transaction users cannot trade or exchange with each other like bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. NFT's market sales are booming. According to the statistics of cryptocurrency market research company DappRadar, in the third quarter of this year, the total transaction scale of the NFT market worldwide has exceeded USD 10 billion. Save Meta is optimistic about developing NFT technology. It will launch a segmented market segment, an NFT trading platform that allows enterprises, creators, or general users to buy, sell and communicate with each other.
Save Meta decentralized NFT trading platform (NFT DEX) will create a new and easy to operate NFT trading platform . It supports enterprises and creators to establish an NFT market, develop community and ecosystem, and general users to trade NFT, which will promote a dynamic new economy. We are building tools so that consumers can freely trade their goods, and creators can launch new digital works, and developers Can build a rich integrated market for their digital goods.

C. SAVE META multiverse staking system

SAVE META multiverse staking system can connect multiple points through the metaverse and be compatible with audience groups at all levels simultaneously. On this basis, DAO organizes MVA voting authorization and public bidding for major GameFi, international associations, and virtual equipment manufacturers to obtain SME staking rights. SAVE META multiverse staking system, SAVE META game aggregator and SAVE META decentralized NFT trading platform complement each other and participate in the growing ecological needs of "metaverse" through innovation and change.
The SME Smart Contract smart contract based on blockchain technology enables the SAVE META multiverse staking system to solve the problems of trust and transparency. SAVE META users hold that SMEs can simultaneously participate in the staking of multiple parallel pools. Users can obtain the GAMEFI limited edition of the NFT blind box cooperated by the platform when meeting the rules and conditions.
The SAVE META crowdfunding ecosystem is concerned about growing and irreplaceable supporters and the SAVE META community, prioritizing their interests because they are crucial to the development and success of the platform. The majority of guilds will introduce and provide high- quality GAMEFI tokens, guided by the "GAMEFI automatic market flow pool," improving the CAKE distribution mechanism . It realizes the transaction flow between different guilds and GameFi platforms and generates more parallel pools for users to participate.