4.1 SAVE META original intention

Mr. Dexter, the co-founder of SAVE META from Silicon Valley, is one of the earliest Internet pioneers. He established the world's first virtual interactive experience company in 2000! Recently, it has been known as one of the pioneers of the metaverse!
Since 2020, he has reached strategic cooperation with several internet virtual equipment companies! At the same time, we are committed to building a diversified organizational platform with high compatibility and fairness.
Since October 2021, we have jointly organized a group of members with high concept consensus and high level in various industries as the early co-founder and operating composition of the whole SAVE META.
Dexter formally established the SAVE METAVERSE ECOSYSTEM platform on 10th Dec. 2021. The original intention of the establishment was that many problems, such as information gap and resource inclination, occurred when users connected the GameFi platforms under multiple foundations with each guild . At the same time, because the GameFi platforms on the market mushroomed, most investors or prospective investors could not distinguish the advantages and disadvantages accurately. At the same time, many players who are ready to join this track need to spend a lot of time, money, and energy to try metaverse, DEFI, and GameFi and virtually miss the best layout opportunity!
Because of this, The DAO Organization (METAVERSE Volunteer Advance Organization) MVA organized by the co-sponsors of SAVE METAVERSE ECOSYSTEM, including ("Chan Zuckerberg Initiative") fund, GALA GAMES, Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, and other platforms and
investment companies, have jointly built the world's first Multiverse self-flow communication platform SAVE METAVERSE ECOSYSTEM!