3.3 SAVE META metaverse economic system

The economic system of SAVE META is the first element that needs to be developed and experienced compared with the implementation of hardware equipment.
A. Economic activities of SAVE META metaverse
As a parallel world of the real world, the metaverse economic system arranged by SAVE META has almost most economic activities in the real world, including financial activities such as production, exchange, distribution, and even mortgage financing. SAVE META users in the metaverse (in the early stage, it was a metaverse concept game) to produce virtual content, which has certain economic value and belongs to the user's virtual property. SAVE META users can exchange specific virtual property in the metaverse, convert the virtual property into virtual currency, and even make profits through the appreciation of the metaverse virtual currency.
SAVE META is committed to breaking through the barriers between metaverse games in different network systems, allowing game assets to flow in the game universe, and injecting more vitality into the currency system.
B. SAVE META is linked with NFT
Gu ZhenQing, an independent curator of China's contemporary art industry, believes that "NFT can enter the virtual social metaverse through the online game interface . All NFTs may enter the metaverse and have a dream linkage with the metaverse."
NFT links are a conversion interface leading to the "metaverse" of online virtual society, and the NFT token is the driver's license and pass for customs clearance all the way. For the metaverse in the vision of the virtual world and Datong society, NFT is the entrance.
As a non-Fungible token, NFT's irreplaceable characteristics mean that it can be used to represent unique things and is a key node connecting the real world and the virtual world. Therefore, the SAVE META metauniverse and NFT are naturally bound together. SAVE META NFT decentralized exchange constructs the entrance of SAVE META metaverse through the transaction and circulation of NFT. In addition to common game equipment and game props, it can also represent users' virtual identity and virtual property in the metaverse.