1.2 Market pain points

The many features of the Ethereum blockchain provide a unique opportunity to create and manage decentralized organizations, including the immutability, transparency, and fast transaction of records. However, to meet the multiple needs of people's transactions and value creation, a new layer needs to be added to realize the incentive problem of all participants in the system.
When designing SAVE META, many problems that are not conducive to people's creation, management, and collaboration in a decentralized way have been solved, including:
Subjective space: Smart contracts can encode the possible contract interfaces, but there are always
subjective elements in interpersonal relationships. A completely fair system needs to consider conflicts that cannot be completely solved in smart contracts.
Software vulnerabilities: Software errors are inevitable. The software may contain vulnerabilities, so the software needs to be easy to upgrade. There needs to be a reasonable vulnerability report reward mechanism to encourage potential attackers to find vulnerabilities rather than direct attacks.
Reward system: At present, the monetization of some specific agreements and systems has not been fully determined. Some participants are the key to promoting the organization, so a simple reward mechanism is needed.