SAVE METAVERSE ECOSYSTEM, hereinafter referred to as SAVE META, is composed of developers, investment institutions, and the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) composed of game players, through the integration of GameFi aggregation platform, NFT decentralized exchange, and multiverse staking system. Complete the whole "metaverse + GAMEFI" such as cross-chain and cross- platform game asset circulation, circulation transaction, pledge lending, and investment appreciation Ecosystem. As the governance token of SAVE META, SME will connect the operation, circulation, dividend, stake, and voting rights of the whole ecosystem.
About (METAVERSE Volunteer Advance Organization ( MVA)
MVA is a SAVE META metaverse promotion volunteer organization composed of mainstream GameFi, guild, equipment manufacturers, and self data bloggers . It is the first non - profit development organization to put DAO autonomous management regulations on the chain, and MVA is the first autonomous operation team under SAVE META DAO. Through the blockchain algorithm, combined with POS equity certificate + DPOS entrusted equity certificate, we will fully incubate new venture GameFi and high-quality associations and promote the progress of the whole project of SAVE META at the same time.
About SAVE META Strategy Committee
The SAVE META strategy committee is 13 strategy committees selected by outstanding institutions in various fields worldwide. Enjoy the naming right, price voting right, dividend, and other rights of introducing and docking the GAMEFI project and cosmic staking pool. At the same time, it is subject to the conditions such as elimination at the end of SAVE META and currency holding standard. It is subject to the supervision of all SAVE META participants.
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